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1982 Defever 41' trawler


     Main Site Page Survey May 9-10,2007    Depart Southport Dolphin on Delivery Trip (40M B)  June 30, 2007 Pics By Betsy
Genset Muffler Remove 10/20/07  Bob Smith's Diesel Class  "Dorcas Hardy" Side View of Prop Spec sheet (PDF) 
Fall2007HaulOut Pre-Launch 4/9/08 Motor Mounts ShorePowerReplace HaulOut2008
BlistersNov1,2008 Bottom Fiberglass Job  BottomLaminate04/10 Finished Bottom Fiberglass May 1, 1009
Oct9,2009SassafrassRiv1 Oct9,2009SassafrassRiv2 BlueAngelMay2010 Bilge Camera Fuel Filter Camera
Setp2010a Setp2010b Setp2010c InjectorRemovalNov6,2010 Old Engine Feb2011
NewEngineApr1,2011 SquirrelJune5,2011 TeakDeckRepairSept2011 ExhaustMufflerMovedOct2011 Outboard fuel line
Defever41Drawings   LazaretteLockerRepair  Doors  Fall2010HaulOut  TrawlerInspections


Furuno1712Radar Pic 1 Furuno1712Radar Pic 2 Furuno1712Radar Pic 3


Lehman 120 Engine Manuals
Append A Base Eng 72dpi.pdf Append B Marinizing Parts 72dpi.pdf Lehman120Engine.pdf lehman-ford-maintenance-guide.pdf Operators Manual 72dpi.pdf Velvet Drive Tranny Manual 


Dog Lift Article Purasan Installation Purasan Seal Replacement Gear Shift Replacement Great Loop Map


AftCabinDoorScreen StbdDoorScreen PortDoorScreen DCElectSystem Holding tank FuelPolishingSystem
PurasanInstallation ThroughHulls WasteSystem NavNet_NMEA0183   NavNetSayGoodbye

SitexSP70AutoPilotManual        FurunoMFD12Manual


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